About Us

Ice Express is your healthy alternative for great tasting, purified (to international standard), fluoride removed, Water and Ice - produced fresh onsite, available 24/7, in convenient locations.

The Ice Express Vending Machine offers numerous customer-friendly features that make it quick and easy for customers to get a great value product.

This is what just one step of our 6-step filtration system removes from your water (gross, huh?!)

Ice Express use proprietary technology to produce and vend purified ice and water, without being touched by human hands. It is cleaner, healthier and better tasting than what many people have experienced before. We strive to provide an inexpensive option for premium quality water and ice – try us and ‘taste the difference’.

Our vending machine manufactures, bags and dispenses purified ice to the public in your preferred quantity of 5kgs or 10kgs. As the ice is made from our purified water, it can be safely used in drinks or over food as any impurities have been removed. Ice is a major market and a product that is consumed every day. One does not have to look far to see the many ice storage bins that are positioned outside convenience and grocery stores, gas stations, marinas, and other retail locations throughout the country. However, the old business model of trucking mass-produced bagged ice from a regional ice plant to the location where it’s sold is costly and outdated. This is a new market delivery system that is the logical replacement of how we used to buy ice. It is fresh, healthy, purified and FLUORIDE AND CHLORINE REMOVED!!

Water comprises about 60% of your body weight. It is there because it flushes toxins out of vital organs, carries nutrients to your cells and provides a moist environment for your ear, nose and throat tissues. Water is essential for good health as every system in our body depends on it. Purified water refers to all types of water from which chemicals are removed. Ice Express purifies water by passing our water through a 6-stage purification process before it is dispensed. This means our Ice & Water is purified to International NSF standards 42, 44, 53, 55 & 58. This process clears our water of all impurities and toxins that can be found in all tap, bottled and single-stage filtered water. Ice Express offers inexpensive, soft, ultra-palatable water that is fresh, healthy, purified and most importantly, chlorine and fluoride free!